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Everyday Personal
Protection Training

To provide the highest quality, most relevant training, we bring years of real world experience and high level education into all of our programs. Each and every model was developed with our SEER approach: Simple. Efficient. Effective. Realistic.  Using this methodology, we teach the skills to increase awareness, develop safer routines and behavioral patterns, recognize potential threats and dangerous situations, handle stressful  encounters with appropriate escalation/de-escalation principles, and live more fully in the moment.

Training Programs

Everyday Readiness

Hand to Hand Survival

Concealed Blade/Pistol

Our focus is to give you or your organization the physical and mental skills necessary to protect yourself and/or a loved one if the time ever comes. Through years of training, study, and real world situations, we have honed defensive methods that work. Click below to learn more about our specific training programs.

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